The land

Welcome @ Quinta da Dansa

Here some visual touch on the outer side of the land

entrance downhill valley

the stream along the downhill side of the land..

The neighbors land, no one knows who’s the owner.. its said ‘from a lawyer in Porto’. One thing he does not take any responsibility, weeds, blackberry bushes grew higher than the far to many trees and formed a jungle. It did not feel safe due to danger for a fire in the dry season. Therefor I hired Armenio, a friendly local hard working with good skills and tools, he fixed it after 5 hours waving with his bushcutter.

In February 2020 a crew of skilled men and their machines drilled a borehole 90m deep. March the pump and electricity will be installed than I can get the water tested and use it in the mains for shower, drinking and irrigation.

the house seen from the stream below

here you see the house in the far distance