@ Quinta da Dansa

The Quinta da Dansa is a farm situated in Jarda, a small village community located in central Portugal, in the hills of the Leiria district. It is somewhere between Lisbon, Porto and Tomar (22 minutes) and Coimbra (30 minutes). You’ll find the quinta only 10 minutes off the main road, close to the Zezere river. The village is tiny. There aren’t any shops within a three kilometer radius. The closest village – that does have some shops – is Arega, a peaceful community with a population of about 1150.

Backyard, mountain view

Dana & Hans 

Quinta da Dansa is named after the two Dutch owners: daughter DAna & father haNS. In Dutch the word ‘dans’ means ‘dance’. Given the fact that both Dana and Hans love to dance, they considered it an appropriate name.

Follow your dream

In 2017 Hans traveled to Portugal with a dream on his mind. He wanted to create a place where people can stay, relax, explore, work on the land and connect with nature while reflecting on the purpose of life.: He named the project: Connecting with Nature.

The geographical center of Portugal

First Hans needed to find just exactly the right property in an inspiring location. He decided to explored the region between Figueiro dos Vinhos and Serta. That turned out to be a great decision. Here in the geographical center of Portugal he met Paulo Cunho. With him he found the perfect area in which he could fulfill his dream. Back home he found support and could raise enough money to buy the property – special thanks to Wendie & my mother Ans, family and friends… and so Quinta da Dansa was born.

    The Prime Directives

    We have 2 golden rules that we call The Prime Directives:
    1. No pictures or descriptions of the property on social media
    We want to keep our Quinta very undiscovered. To keep it low key we really do not want you to put any images or descriptions of our place on social media!
    2. No unannounced visitors:
    If you are staying with us, please let us know beforehand if you are planning to invite friends or visitors! We carry all the responsibility for the future of this house and its hospitality. Therefor it’s imminent we know who is staying with us. 

    The perfect place for a dream

    Together we can transform this house towards a new future: a place where people can really connect with nature. Nature around the quinta provides us with beautiful flowers and plants, and many different kinds of foods: like fruit, nuts and olives.
    Our goal is to respect and facilitate nature as much as we can. In exchange nature will give us its best. We work as much as we can with local people and materials to support the local economy. Off course we avoid using pesticides!
    We hope Quinta da Dansa will be a place away for many of our friends and family to rest, explore and reconnect with nature and love.
    Sharing is all about caring!

    We aim for a perfect balance between work and fun.
    We know you will enjoy a fascinating time with us.
    Dana & Hans